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solo marimba with percussion ensemble accompaniment
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Composer: Andy Harnsberger
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Marimba, 2-bass drums, 2 sets of 3-tom-toms, 2 sets of bongos, 2-small cymbals, 2-rainsticks, tam tam, temple blocks, 2 -timbale, snare drum, cymbals, hi-hat, tuned gong, slapstick and a conductor

Program Notes:
Vertigo was written in 1998 and premiered at the Louisville Day of Percussion on April 10, 1999 with the University of Louisville Percussion Ensemble. The piece is in six sections, delineated by tempo and texture. Vertigo is defined as "a disordered state in which the individual or his environs seem to whirl dizzily; a dizzy confused state of mind." I have attempted to represent this state both in the marimba and the percussion writing. At times, the marimba seems to be spinning out of control, while there is stability in the percussion parts. There are also times where the accents and rhythms in the percussion parts create a sense of instability and confusion. Devoted classic rock fans will notice quotes from some popular rock songs, each with a unique accompaniment.

""Vertigo" is a single-movement work for a marimba soloist accompanied by a percussion trio. Each member of the trio plays a multiple instrument setup using an inventory of conventional instruments, with the exception of a gong tuned to E. The percussion accompaniment provides color and a rhythmically attractive counterpoint to the marimba's cascading runs, broken chords, and ostinato patterns. The solo part, scored for a 5-octave instrument, features passages in octaves and florid, broken chordal writing that will challenge even the most advanced student marimbist. The work provides a viable option for the marimbist searching for solo literature with percussion ensemble accompaniment." - John R. Raush Percussive Notes, June 2000

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