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Timpani Mallets

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Jauvon Gilliam Series Timpani Mallets
What is "Popcush"
"People that know me know that I often make up words to better express myself, hence popcush. It describes my ideal timpani sound: one that has a clear fundamental (pitch center), immediately followed by a warm and supportive tone. I've always gravi...
Concert Series - Timpani Mallets
The Concert Series Timpani Mallets are constructed of 5/8” cherry handles which are hollowed out at both ends to simulate the feel and balance of a bamboo handle.  The five cartwheel style models feature wooden cores, woven felt liners, and the highest quality German felt covers, while the CT-6...
General Timpani Series
The General Timpani Series models feature tapered maple handles for ultimate balance and German felt parachute-style covered heads for professional grade sound quality.  The GT-5 Ultra Staccato model is tightly covered with a red synthetic felt liner.
Bamboo Series Timpani Mallets
In keeping with the tradition of creating some of the highest quality products available, the Bamboo Series is offered as a high-end series of timpani mallets that are geared toward the professional timpanist.  Each of the eight models, all of which are designed for a specific purpose in mind, ...
GTX Timpani Series
The GTX Series timpani mallets feature straight maple handles for increased weight and projection, with wooden cores and German felt parachute style covered heads for professional grade sound quality.  The GTX-5 Ultra Staccato model is tightly covered with a red synthetic felt liner.
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