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Percussion Ensembles

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7 players with multi-percussion set ups
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Composer: Mario Gaetano
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: 4 Marimbas, 3 triangles, bongos, xylophone, 2 suspended cymbals, vibraphone, snare drum, 3 woodblocks(low, med, high), 3 brake drums(low, med, high), timbales, crotales, 4 tom-toms, claves, large gong, field drum, cowbell, bells, set of 4 timpani, large brake drum, bass drum, chimes, high woodblock

Program Notes:

"Mario Gaetano's Undercurrents is an advanced high school or college level percussion ensemble for seven players incorporating both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments including claves, brake drums, chimes, triangles, timbales, tom-toms, crotales, marimbas, etc. As stated in the notes, "This work consists of a series of canons, related to one another melodically and/or rhythmically. The contrapuntal nature of the work should always be made clear to the listener." The contrapuntal emphasis contributes to the development of "undercurrents" or background motivic material presented to the listener. Additionally, Undercurrents employs several cadenzas, solo sections, and ad lib sections, which are excellent for developing improvisational skills. Letter H provides the start of an exciting ending with unison, rhythmic motives and staggered entrances between all parts. In addition, extra care needs to be taken with the beginning. Stellar chorale-style marimba playing is a must!" - Lisa Rogers Percussive Notes, December 1995

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