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The Dance of Wind

percussion ensemble
Composer: Robert McClure
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: 3 marimba, vibraphone, timpani, Ghana bell, timbales, congas, cymbals(hi-hat, crash, China, ride), triangle, floor tom

Program Notes:
The piece is composed of seven sections. Each section portrays a different mood and atmosphere. These sections represent the change that the wind or a simple breeze will take in the course of minutes and how this change affects everything in its path. The Dance of Wind was premiered by the BGSU Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Roger Schupp on April, 18 2006 in Kobacker Hall.

"This percussion octet twists its way around different styles and moods. This work lasts approximately ten minutes and uses three marimbas (one 5-octave, two 4- or 4.3-octave), vibraphone, cymbals (hi-hat, crash, China, ride), percussion 1 (two congas, two timbales, Ghana bell), percussion 2 (triangle, floor tom), and timpani. The various styles include funk, Afro-Cuban 12/8, grooves in 5/4, minimalism, a slow chorale and a canon. The mallet parts are the primary voices with the percussion and timpani parts providing color and the cymbals establishing the groove. This work is a study in ostinatos with every member having many repetitions. The different styles help to break the monotony but the transitions usually happen immediately and without much warning. One aspect that will need attention is reading the notation of the parts and score. The rests and note values of sixteenth notes are not typical and the parts are hard to read. Also, due to the many measure repeats, performers will need to write in cues and number of times one plays a certain pattern. Overall, the notation is difficult to read while playing." - Brian Zator Percussive Notes, October 2008

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