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Keyboard Solos

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Song for my Mother

marimba solo
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Composer: Juan Alamo
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Marimba (5 octave)

Program Notes:
Song for My Mother by Dr. Juan Àlamo is a marimba solo scored for 5- octave marimba. The piece is divided in three sections. In the first section marked Rubato & Expressivo the composer present the melody in the right hand using independed rolls over an arpeggiated bass line. This is followed by a contrasting section where the composer used an ostinato rhythmic pattern based on sixteen notes. This middle section is a rhythmic variation of the opening section. The third section is a short recapitulation of the opening section that connects to the coda.

"Requiring a 5.0-octave marimba, this is a touching six-and-a-half minute composition written in an intro-A-B-A-coda structure. The 10-measure introduction, marked as rubato and expressivo, opens with a melody in the right hand using one-handed rolls over an arpeggiated bass line leading to the 12-measure, chorale-like section A. This is followed by a contrasting section, marked tranquillo and legato, where the sixteenth-note permutation 1232 4123 1423 1423 is used as an ostinato. This middle section is a rhythmic variation of the introduction and incorporates a key signature change adding variety. A ritardando of a rising sixteenth-note passage leads to the recapitulation of section A, which is then followed by a six-measure coda culminating in a quiet ending.

This piece is great for college marimbists who wish to work on being lyrical and expressive and would be a wonderful addition to recital repertoire." — I-Jen Fang Percussive Notes, August/September 2009

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