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Keyboard Solos

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Scherzo Brilliante

marimba or xylophone solo with piano accompaniment
Composer: ed. Harold Jones
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Marimba or Xylophone and Piano

Program Notes:
In the winter of 1961 I toured the Soviet Union in the University of Michigan Band under William Revelli. The tour offered many memorable experiences. I had the opportunity to meet numerous Russian musicians. One presented me with 2 compositions, Scherzo Brilliante and Fantasia. Due to the absence of a translator, I was unsure who composed the pieces. Further attempts to find the composer have been unsuccessful. Over the years my students and myself have enjoyed these works. After numerous requests I have prepared the present edited versions of the pieces.

"Scored for xylophone or marimba and piano accompaniment, this 142-measure, two-mallet solo was composed by an unknown Russian musician. This moderately difficult, tonal composition is challenging in that the performer’s presentation is very transparent in its rapid, 6/8, scalar passages. There is a brief modulation to D major from the opening and closing G major sections, making this three-part, single-movement work very appropriate for the undergraduate recital presentation. Reminiscent of some of the older Musser keyboard/ piano solos, the piano accompaniment is very complementary to the solo keyboard presentation." - Jim Lambert Percussive Notes, October 1997

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