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marimba solo
Composer: Mark Ford
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Marimba

"This new marimba solo by Mark Ford is scored for 5-octave marimba but would be easily playable on a low F instrument. The work begins with a slow and mysterious section that uses long rolls and slow melodic figures in the right hand. This introduction yields to the first major section, featuring a meandering ostinato underneath fragmented melodic figures. After a brief fermata, the marimbist finds a transitional section in vaious odd meters that hints at the new thematic material for the next segment. The lyrical section that follows features syncopated melodies on top of a left-handed ostinato that is cleverly reminiscent of the cascara pattern used in timbale playing. This section builds to a climatic fortissimo, then gradually winds down, giving way to a short restatement of the introductory chorale. Ford then "replays" the majority of the work, but on a miniature scale, repeating fragments of each section. This coda builds to another climax, then quickly dissipates to one very soft staccato chord that concludes the piece. While there are ample technical challenges, many of the ostinatos and melodic figures are idiomatically friendly. The result is a marimba solo that is fun to play and equally refreshing to listen to." - Scott Herring Percussive Notes, June 2003

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