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Keyboard Solos

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November Evening

marimba solo
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Composer: Christopher Norton
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Marimba (low F)

Program Notes:
Premiered by Christopher Norton on November 1, 1994 at Western Kentucky University. Two rhythmically charged themes open the piece and provide the melodic and harmonic material for the subsequent variations, thematic restatements, chorale and reprise. The form follows the scheme: A B A1 A B B1 A2 Chorale A A3 B2 B. The work bears a jazz influence which is particularly evident in three variations which resemble an improvised solo over the cord "changes" of the two primary themes. November Evening is dedicated to my wife, Leslie.

"This work for solo marimba has the character and vitality of dance music, resulting primarily from its syncopated rhythms and irregular meter. Interesting rhythmic devices include the juxtaposition of duplets in one hand and triplets in the other, and triplets set against quadruplets. The chordal fabric is interrupted with runs imparting the flavor of an improvised fill. The marimba writing is quite idiomatic, revealing the composer's familiarity with the instrument. It is refreshing to discover a work for solo marimba that so successfully fulfills a broad range of criteria, from those of marimbists who want a vehicle that spotlights their technical and musical talents, to those of the discriminating auditor who appreciates a work that can stand on its own musical merits, to those of the general public who enjoy music that is approachable and entertaining." - John R. Raush Percussive Notes, June 1997

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