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Keyboard Solos

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Morning Light

marimba solo
Composer: Mark Ford
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: 5 octave marimba

Program Notes:
Morning Light is a sweet delicate love song or lullaby. The title refers to opening your eyes in the morning and making your dreams become reality. I wrote this as an encore piece following the premier of Stubernic Fantasy in Opole, Poland. In reference to this, the music hints at the main motive of the Polish National Anthem beginning at measure 48. While the music should have motion as indicated, the player should be free to use rubato at cadencial points for expression and feeling.  It was premiered in Opole, Poland on October 5, 2012.  Morning Light is dedicated to Ewelina and Lucy Bernacka.

" This charming piece was written as an encore to Mark Ford’s “Stubernic Fantasy” and was premiered in Poland. He includes references to the Polish National Anthem throughout the piece. At 130 measures, this is one of his shortest solos, but there is a lot of room for shaping and interpretation. The piece includes single independent (left hand) and double vertical (right hand) strokes in the interval range of 3rds and 6ths. (There are only four octave intervals in the piece.) While the difficulty of the piece is not hard, the piece will definitely stretch a young performer’s musicality.

This piece could work well on any level recital. It would be a great opener for an undergrad recital or encore to a highly energetic piece on a professional performance. In either setting, this beautiful piece should be considered for addition to the recommended repertoire of any university percussion program to assist in teaching phrasing and musicality." - Dave Gerhart Percussive Notes, July 2014

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