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Lunar Suite

1 to 3 marimbas and piano
Composer: Otoeman Ayahiro Sumi
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: 3 Marimba, Piano

Program Notes:
Written for Nanae Mimura. The piece consists of 4 movements. The first, Lunar Prelude, is written for solo marimba. The Lunar Scape is for marimba and piano. Lunar Light is for solo piano. The final movement, Lunar Walk is for 3 marimbas and piano.

“Lunar Suite,” written for Nanae Mimura, is a four-movement work for various combinations of marimba and piano. The first movement, “Lunarprelude,” is for solo marimba. Written in 6/8, it features a rising, eighth-note accompaniment underneath a slow, lyrical melody in the right hand. The second movement, “Lunarscape,” is scored for marimba and piano. In the opening of this movement, the piano establishes a melodic motive later picked up by the marimba. The serenity of the opening gradually yields to more energetic sixteenth notes, culminating in a long arpeggiated chord. After a brief, chorale-like interlude, this process is repeated. The movement ends much like it began with slower rhythmic figures fading into nothingness. The third movement, “Lunarlight,” is a short solo for piano. This movement is reminiscent of the first movement with lyrical melodic figures and a gently rocking accompaniment. The final movement, “Lunarwalk,” is for three marimbas and piano. This movement is faster and more energetic, featuring constant sixteenth notes in the second and third marimba parts. Marimba 1 and the piano part play longer and often syncopated melodic lines over the gurgle of the other marimbas. The soft opening gradually builds to fortissimo, returns to the soft dynamic level, repeating the process and landing on a unison rhythmic figure to close the work. Although written as a suite, each movement could stand alone as a short solo or collaboration. - Scott Herring Percussive Notes, December 2005

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