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Percussion Ensembles

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Like a Giant Refreshed

percussion ensemble
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Composer: Clif Walker
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.

player  1:  glockenspiel, Garden Weasels(2), bow*

player  2:  vibraphone, bow      

player  3:  vibraphone, bow       

player  4:  chimes, claves, , vibra slap, bow*       

player  5:  tam tam, field snare drum, wind chimes, crotales (C7-C8), xylophone        

player  6:  marimba (low A), bow*   

player  7:  concert bass drum, marimba (low C)     

player  8:  marimba (low A), bow*

player  9:  marimba (low C) , bow*    

player 10: timpani        

player 11: drumset        

player 12: large toms or bass drums, sus cymbal, tambourine, bongos, concert bass drum, bow*     

*-bow - players move to shared vibraphones (player 2 and 3) or additional vibraphones if availble

Program Notes:

Like a Giant Refreshed: written for Dr. Megan Arns, Dr. Julia Gaines, and the University of Missouri Percussion Ensemble and was premiered at the Missouri Music Educators Convention January 27th, 2017. 

The piece loosely depicts the approaching footsteps of a waking giant and his or her eventual exit into a fog. Some of the phrases/ideas appeared in earlier unpublished works/indoor drumline shows, but finally came together as complete idea here. 

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