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Percussion Ensembles

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percussion ensemble
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Composer: Clif Walker
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.

player  1:  glockenspiel

player  2:  vibraphone, bow      

player  3:  vibraphone, bow       

player  4:  ocean drum, marimba (low F) , sus cymbal, high metal plate/sound  

player  5:  ocean drum, marimba (low c) , sus cymbal, medium high metal plate/sound       

player  6:  timpani, sus cymbal,  

player  7:  gong/tam tam, chimes, bow, medium low metal plate/sound    

player  8:  rainstick, sus cymbal, crotales (C7-C8), xylophone, low metal plate/sound   

player  9:  rainstick, gong/tam tam, sus cymbal, concert tome (4), finger cymbals

player 10: sizzle cymbal, ride cymbal(s), china cymbal(s), chimes (shared with player 7)

player 11: bass drum, wind chimes, triangles (3), sleigh bells

Program Notes:

Isbjerg: Danish for iceberg (being half Danish myself) comes from both the imagery of what it might be like to tour icy waters in an old wooden boat and how small one must feel when, out of the mist, an iceberg appears, as well as the inspiration of our, then, 3 year old, Berg, glistening endlessly on the "white" keys of the marimba (ms.178 to end) - I pictured a marimba standing on the bottom edge, like an iceberg. One of the themes (vibraphone ms. 1-6) uses the contrary motion of the ascending left hand with the descending right creating an "iceberg" shape if turned on its side.  

The piece concludes with an overlapping of an "icy" rhythmic motif on seven varied cymbals, brought back from earlier in the piece (ms.7-10). 

Isbjerg was premiered on April 6, 2017, by Dr. Mark Ford and the University of North Texas Percussion Ensemble.


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