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Game Over

multi-percussion solo with 8 percussionists
Composer: Dan Moore
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Instruments listed were used in premier, but there are many other possilities(jibba-jabber, sound tubes, sound story book, happy hammers, bird calls) Bells, vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, snare drum, timpani, 2 wood blocks, large cowbell, 2 large concert toms, small triangle, tambourine, sleigh bells, 2 brake drums, drum set

Program Notes:
Game Over was written for James Campbell, Professor of Percussion at the University of Kentucky. The work is loosely based on two children's tunes, one American and one Japanese, and has a decidedly playful feeling throughout. The solo part requires a creative multi-percussionist, timpanist, and rudimental snare drummer with a good sense of humor. The piece is divided into three distinct sections designed to present the soloist in a vaiety of musical settings.

Percussionists are often accused of being adults who still like to play with toys. If this is true then Game Over, a percussion ensemble piece for solo multiple percussion and percussion ensemble, will be popular because it actually calls for the use of children's toys. For example, the ensemble, which is mostly made up of traditional pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments, also includes a part for jibba-jabber: a toy doll that makes different pitch squeaks and squawks when shaken. The soloist, too, gets into the act playing timpani with happy hammers (two small plastic hammers that make a high-pitched squeak when striking a surface). The piece also calls for a child's storybook with sampled sounds operated from a panel on the front of the book. Be sure to get one that allows you to interrupt a sound by pressing a new one. This will open up many groove options. The solo part also includes extensive sections for keyboard percussion and rudimental snare drum. The keyboard percussion parts are quite repetitive and would work well for the inexperienced mallet player. As might be guessed, Game Over is filled with much light-hearted humor. But there is enough musical substance to make it educationally valuable as well. - Tom Morgan Percussive Notes, June 1997

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