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Keyboard Solos

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marimba or xylophone solo with piano accompaniment
Composer: ed. Harold Jones
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Marimba or Xylophone and Piano

Program Notes:
In the winter of 1961 I toured the Soviet Union in the University of Michigan Band under William Revelli. The tour offered many memorable experiences. I had the opportunity to meet numerous Russian musicians. One presented me with 2 compositions, Scherzo Brilliante and Fantasia. Due to the absence of a translator, I was unsure who composed the pieces. Further attempts to find the composer have been unsuccessful. Over the years my students and myself have enjoyed these works. After numerous requests I have prepared the present edited versions of the pieces.

"Fantasia is a composition that retired East Carolina University professor Harold Jones discovered while touring in Russia while he was a student-performer in the University of Michigan Concert Band. Although the original composer is not known or mentioned in this publication, the work resembles that of late 19th century tonal compositions popular among virtuoso string or instrumental performers. This composition is a duet for xylophone or marimba and piano. The 269 measure, 6/8 fantasia is quite appropriate for the intermediate to advanced two-mallet performer at the undergraduate college level. The importance of the tightness of the ensemble between the percussionist and the pianist cannot be underestimated in this marvelous single-movement work." - Jim Lambert Percussive Notes, December 1999

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