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Keyboard Solos

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Concealed Chambers

marimba solo
Composer: Matthew Coley
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: 1 Marimba low C

"This unaccompanied work for the advanced four-mallet marimbist is divided into five, rather short movements. The movement titles— “Thalamus,” “Amygdala,” “Cortex,” “Medula” and “Hypothalamus” refer to parts of the brain and the gray matter surrounding the parts that help control one’s senses, movement, metabolic rate, body temperature, etc. I suspect that the composer is trying to make a connection between the gray matter in the brain controlling one’s quality of life as the gray matter of music controls the finished performance. The piece requires a five-octave instrument, and the performer must be proficient with double vertical strokes, single independent strokes, single alternating strokes, double lateral strokes and onehanded rolls at various intervallic distances. “Concealed Chambers” is a wonderful, musical journey for serious marimbists. - Lisa Rogers Percussive Notes, October 2004

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