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Coffee Break

5 players with various coffee cups
Composer: Mark Ford & Ewelina Bernacka Ford
Publisher: Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Instrumentation: Coffee Break is written for four different sizes of paper coffee cups with lids and sleeves.  At popular coffee shops the sizes of these cups are called Short (small --- espresso), Tall (medium), Grande (large), and Venti (extra---large).  Coffee Break also uses one medium Frappuccino cup with lid and straw.  This theatre/percussion work is designed for males to play the first four parts and a female to play the 5th percussion part (or a fifth male in a wig!  Use your imagination!  Anyone can play any of the parts!)

Program Notes:

Music is everywhere and of course coffee has rhythm!  After many visits to numerous coffee shops and improvising with cups, we decided to write a composition that brings fun, energy and theatre to the concert stage.  Coffee Break is like “Head Talk” on caffeine!!  Have fun!   MF & EBF

"For those needing proof of the ever-expanding diversity and creativity in the world of percussion, here you go. Mark Ford (along with Ewelina Ford) continues his signature blend of originality, groove, and theatrics found in the popular “Head Talk.” This time he brews up a novelty piece written for coffee cups that is fun, entertaining, and grooves like crazy.

The score comes complete with detailed performance notes and a legend that includes pictures of all the required techniques. Any lingering questions will be answered by the excellent YouTube video found on the publisher’s website. The inherent challenge of the piece, similar to “Head Talk,” is that the piece is technically more difficult than it may first appear. Students will have to master their parts in order to fully devote their attention to the theatrical elements involved. This is the beauty of Ford’s novelty works; they are not musical fluff and gimmicks designed purely for yuks, but demand strong rhythmic and ensemble skills as well.

How many sounds can you get out of a coffee cup? Check out “Coffee Break” and find out! Your students will love the opportunity to espresso themselves, and your audience will have a latte of fun (had to go there!)." - John Willmarth  Percussive Notes, July 2014

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