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Jim Riley is an artist that aspires to balance every facet of his life: personally, professionally, educationally and in his performance. Similarly, the BP-1 “Balance Point” stick is designed with Jim’s perspective in mind.

The BP-1 is all about form versus function and was built with education in mind. The most predominant feature of the BP-1 stick is the “Fulcrum Indicator.” It’s the perfect educational teaching tool, indicating the exact point where the “Balance Point” location is on the stick that provides the greatest amount of rebound. The unique teardrop bead produces a bright sound and the quick taper allows for an incredible response while producing a lively rebound. The BP-1’s double-circle design etched into the butt end is also a unique feature, indicating exactly where the stick is to be held in the performer’s hand.

The BP-1 “Balance Point” is a 5B-sized stick with several key features that make it one of a kind. Not only a great educational tool for the beginning drummer, the BP-1 can also service today’s professional touring drummer.

• White Hickory
• Length: 16 1/4”
• Diameter: .595”
• Teardrop Shaped Bead
• Quick Taper
• Fulcrum Indicator
• Etched Butt End

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