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Innovative Percussion welcomes J. Reid Maxwell

Introduces PS-RM1 Scottish Snare Drumstick

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J. Reid MaxwellInnovative Percussion is proud to announce their newest Signature Series Artist and very first pipe band Signature Artist, Mr. J. Reid Maxwell of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band. Mr. Maxwell has been working with IP on designing a snare drum stick that aims to give pipe band drummers of all ages and abilities the highest level of quality, consistency and musical ability. The stick has been engineered to meet Mr. Maxwell’s exact specifications as well as Innovative Percussion’s standards for a world-class musical product.

Over the past 20 years Innovative Percussion has altered the perception of a quality percussive implement in nearly every genre of music. They provide some of the most popular sticks and mallets in the world for American/DCI-style drummers, drum set, all manner of keyboard, all orchestral/classical applications, and world music. The new PS-RM1 is Innovative Percussion’s first official Scottish snare drum stick. 

I am very excited to be joining forces with Innovative Percussion, a specialist in producing high quality drum sticks," stated Maxwell.  "I am very happy with the design and quality of the new stick and anticipate you'll enjoy playing them as much as I do.

The PS-RM1 is available at retail suppliers and distributors worldwide. For more information about ordering, please contact Innovative Percussion Pipe Band Product Specialist Michael Eagle.



Length: 16"; Diameter: .750" at butt end; Taper throughout; Round Bead

J. Reid Maxwell

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