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IP Welcomes Brooks Wackerman to the signature Artist family! 

A new alliance has been formed with Innovative Percussion, The A7X Brooks Wackerman signature series model was designed specifically for the needs of todays modern rock/metal drummer.  A model unique to Innovative Percussion, The A7X carries a length of 16.5”,and the diameter in the hand is .626” then expands slightly out to .630” at the
shoulder. This helps to create a powerful sound while maintaining agile speed for faster passages. The stick has a mild taper at the shoulder to the bead to keep the stick evenly balanced.  The barrel shaped bead creates a bold yet clear cymbal sounds. 

  • White Hickory
  • Length: 16.5"; Diameter: .626" - .630"
  • Barrel Bead

Innovative Percussion is extremely proud to introduce the new Jauvon Gilliam Series Timpani Mallets. The series features a totally new look on a classic implement.  All six models are constructed with a stained black bamboo shaft and are wrapped with a black German "Midnight" felt.  The series is built to be agile like a European mallet but have the presence of an American mallet. Each stick has a clean attack to help produce a clear, immediate pitch and a warm tone allowing you to easily support an ensemble's sound and blend. 

  • Stained Black Bamboo
  • German Midnight felt
  • Colored indicators on top of the mallet as well as the seam 

Sandi Rennick Signature Vibraphone Mallet Series

New for 2019, the Sandi Rennick Series Vibraphone mallets. Sandi wanted a vibraphone mallet unlike anything we currently offer that fit into her ideal ensemble sound. The uniquely weighted synthetic cores help provide a bright tone and keeps the weight more in the player's hands. This allows for the sound to speak quickly and works well with an amplified front ensemble. All models are built on high quality hand selected rattan that is matched for weight, size, and sound.
  • 16.25" Length
  • Cord wrapped        
  • Rattan shaft
  • Weighted synthetic cores

 Rattan Series Additions 

The Rattan Series recieived quite the upgrade in 2019! We have extended the current RS series by 2 models the RS40(C) & RS50(C).  Not necessarily new to IP but we have also moved the entire AA series of mallets into our Rattan series! 
RS40(C), RS50(C) are made with large oval cores and are wrapped with synthetic yarn.

  • Large oval shaped cores
  • Extra-durable rattan handles
  • Wrapped with synthetic yarn & Cord

 The AA15, AA20 ,AA25, AA25B, AA25H, AA30, and AA35 are built on durable rattan handles and are hand matched for weight, size, and sound.

  • Hard Mushroom shaped cores
  • Extra-durable rattan handles
  • Wrapped with multi-ply orange cord

The FS-BK3 "Momentum" is constructed to meet the current demands of modern drummers and those with younger hands. The stick is built with an elongated barrel bead and features a reverse taper to put more of the weight in the players hand. These features allow drummers with younger hands to work less and allow the drum to do more of the work for them. The stick works great as a full bodied tenor/snare drum stick and feels great on a practice pad as well. Bret designed the "Momentum" stick with the idea of having a stick for indoor or when you need a change of color and sound. The FS-BK3 lends itself well to most younger players and is designed to give them the momentum they need to take on a larger marching percussion stick. 

  • White Hickory
  • Length: 16 7/8"
  • Diameter: .670 - .680" Reverse Taper
  • Elongated Barrel-Shaped Bead

FS-TR Tom Rarick Marching Snare Stick

New to Innovative Percussion for 2019, the FS-TR Tom Rarick marching drum stick. The original idea was to design a marching stick that wasn't too front heavy and lends itself well to both snare drum and tenor drums. The stick is built with a compact round bead and features a gradual taper. These features help the stick to be agile and more responsive off the head. The FS-TR is built for the current marching market and the demands that are placed on modern day performers.
  • White Hickory
  • Diameter .704"
  • Round bead
  • 17" Length

Mark Ford Series Rhapsody Mallets

Using a variety of Large rubber cores combined with purple cord, the result is a series of mallets that produce a very quick speaking mallet with immediate tone and articulation. These mallets are built to make sure that you will be heard in the back of any concert hall.All eight models feature natural birch handles, allowing the player additional control in demanding performance situations.


  • Large rubber cores to create a full, rich tone and and a quick speaking mallets
  • Unfinished natural birch handles
  • Purple cord to provide immediate tone and articulation

The IP511-IP514 mallets feature rubber cores wrapped in a light heather gray yarn. The rubber cores provide you with soft cloud like sounds at the lower dynamics and warm, dark, and rich sounds at higher dynamics thanks to the rubber core.
All 8 models are built on polished birch handles and the heavier cores increase projection and enhance the fundamental tone coming out of the marimba. 
  • Heavier cores for increased projection & enhanced fundamental tone
  • Large polished birch handles to assist with balance, control, and durability
  • IP511-514 Rubber cores provide warmth, and darkness at all dynamic level

One of the most influential percussionists in music, Pete’s career spans more than 50 years of collaboration. He’s performed twice for president Obama and the White House, recorded 7 albums as a leader and received numerous awards over his prestigious career. 2018 marks a special occasion as he earned a Grammy nomination this year for best Latin jazz album. We are excited to have him as part of our family here at Innovative Percussion and to share his new signature timbale sticks with you!
  • Hickory
  • Length: 15.5"
  • Diameter: .485"
  • Lacquered Finish

WU7C(R) She-e Wu Series Concerto model additions

  • Synthetic cores to create a bright tone quality
  • Available with hand-selected unfinished natural birch or rattan handles
  • Tightly wrapped with durable and organic bamboo yarn
We are proud to introduce for 2019, the Artisan Series!

This fourteen mallet series features seven models on cedar and seven models on rattan. Between each model, there is a consistent change in hardness and in tone. All mallets are wrapped with a high strength synthetic yarn for durability. 
  • Cedar Shaft
  • Rattan Shaft
  • Synthetic Yarn
  • Colored Circle Stichting
  • Graduated Rubber Cores
  • 17" Total Length