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New Products for 2023

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NM-1 Nick Mancini Model

Created with the versitile musician in mind, the NM-1 Nick Mancini Model can be used in various musical settings on the vibraphone.
Made with extra-durable rattan handles and a large oval shaped rubber core, the player can easily transfer a great amount of energy into the bar with less effort. 
The mallet is wrapped with a sage green tighly woven multi-ply cord, and stitched with an orange accent yarn. 

Considered a multi-use mallet, the NM1 is perfect for someone looking to explore a wide variety of styles without having to switch mallets to acheive different sounds.


- Extra-durable Rattan Handles
- Tightly woven multi-ply cord
- Orange accent yarn
- Large oval shaped rubber core

Welcome new signature artist Jeff Hamilton to the IPFamily!

JH-1 Jeff Hamilton Model Drumset Stick

The JH-1 Jeff Hamilton Model is great for small to large ensemble settings. The white hickory stick has a short taper that leads down to an arrow head shaped bead. 
The length of the stick is 15 7/8". with a diameter of .500".


- White hickory
- Arrow head shaped bead
- Short taper
- Length: 15 7/8"
- Diameter: .500"

BR-JH Jeff Hamilton Model Brush

The BR-JH Jeff Hamilton Model is a retractable brush made of stiff heavy-gauge wire with a rubber grip. The thicker wire holds a high amount of tensile strength, which provides more 'bounce' around the kit.The BR-JH has a length of 13 3/8", with a diameter of .565".


- Stiff heavy-gauge wire
- Rubber grip
- Length: 13 3/8"
- Diameter: .565"

New Additions to the Sandi Rennick Series

The Sandi Rennick Series new mallets for marimba has a birch handle with a matte finish, and a synthetic core. They are wrapped with a tightly woven multi-ply sage green cord. This cord is made to be able to handle environmental challenges that come along with the marching idiom.


- Synthetic core
- Birch handle
- Matte finish
- Sage green cord

The LS-TS Tony Succar Model Timbale Sticks

When looking for a balanced sound, the LS-TS Tony Succar Model is all that you need for the timbales. The LS-TS is made of hickory with a length of 16", and a diameter of .500". For visual impact, these sticks are dipped in paint creating a teal grip. 


- Teal Grip
- Hickory
- Length: 16"
- Diameter: .500"