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Tilo Weber

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Tilo Weber  (*1990  Aachen,  Germany)  is  a  drummer  and  composer working  in Berlin  and 

He writes music for  his  own  bands Animate  Repose and  Four  Fauns  and  takes  the  drum chair in bands such as The David Friedman Generations Trio and Generations Quartet, The Clara Haberkamp Trio (Jazzbaltica Award 2011), And the Golden Choir, and Y-Otis. 

In 2017 Tilo Weber and David Friedman founded their own label Malletmuse Records. 
Tilo Weber  studied  drums  at  the  Jazz  Institute  Berlin  from  2009  to  2014  with  Prof.  John Hollenbeck and Composition at the University for Music Theater Hamburg from 2015 to 2017 with Prof. Ruta Paidere. In 2017 he studied classical percussion with percussionist and Composer Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wulff in Freiburg. 

Collaborations  with  Greg  Cohen,  Peter  Brötzmann,  David  Friedman,  Rudi  Mahall, Chris Dahlgren  and  Tobias  Siebert  bring  him  to  the  national  stage  (JazzBaltica  Festival)  and International festivals of various genres. 

From 2015 to 2017 he received the Dr. E. A.  Langner Scholarship in Hamburg and worked with the NDR Big Band. 

Since 2017 Tilo Weber also plays drums at the famous Berliner Ensemble for the plays “Panikherz” and “Eine Familie”. 

Debut Release of Animate Repose at shoebill music exclusively on 12` Vinyl.