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Michele Soglia

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Michele Soglia, drummer and percussionist, was born in 1989. After his high school graduation, he continues his studies and obtains his first level academic qualification and degree in percussion instruments with the top marks at the B. Maderna Conservatory in Cesena, with master Daniele Sabatani. While studying at the Conservatory, Soglia has always performed, as drummer, with different musical groups and genres. 

Soglia has also participated in several tours in Northern Europe as timpanist and percussionist: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Croatia. Moreover, he has performed in several Italian theatres, including the “Lingotto” Theatre in Turin, where he has performed as percussionist in the successful Harry Potter’s Symphony. Soglia has also performed in the Pavarotti Theatre in Modena and in the Bonci Theatre in Cesena. He has collaborated with Edizioni Fabbri RCS (Rizzoli Corriere della Sera) on the creation of a teaching DVD on percussion instruments, which is enclosed with the Italian textbook for the secondary school “RITMO!.

Soglia has participated in many courses with international artists, such as George Kollias, Francesco Paoli, Raphael Saini, James Payne, Marco Pacassoni, Filippo Lattanzi, Ivan Mancinelli, Saverio Tasca, Juan Halamo, Paolo Cimmino, Flo Mounier, Eric Sammut and Max Govoni. Since 2014 Soglia has been a member of Mourn in Silence, a black \ symphonic metal band of Imola. Since 2015 Soglia has been a teacher of percussion instruments at the D.Milani music secondary school and at the A. Gentileschi high school in Massa Carrara.

In January 2018 Soglia has started his collaboration with Master Raffaello Bellavista in the “Duo Bellavista-Soglia” duet, performing in about 30 musical events all over Italy and in a tour in Sardinia, on the occasion of the Festival della musica classica (Classical music Festival) in Ghilarza. The Duo Bellavista-Soglia has also performed in several concerts theatres such as the “Titano” Theatre in San Marino and the “Socjale” Theatre in Piangipane.