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Max Percussion Theatre

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Max Percussion Theatre is a community drumline founded in 2008 under the direction of Satriwitthaya 2 School. The mission is to provide members with a life-changing experience, educationally and socially, which helps each individual member gain real-world life skills, musical training, and performance experience. Through the development of the character traits of dedication, discipline, and team work, each member will learn what is required to be successful on and off the performance field. Participation in Max Percussion Theatre instills confidence, quality of character, and a strong work ethic that cannot be taught in any college or university and is desirable in the work place and real-world.

Max Percussion Theatre programs permanently enrich the lives of young people through a commitment to youth development and performance excellence while providing enjoyment for local community and audiences worldwide. Max Percussion Theatre is offered to both men and women of all ages. Today, Max Percussion Theatre has more than 400 performers that provide a positive educational experience.

In addition to providing clinics and workshops throughout the country, Max Percussion Theatre has also provided unique opportunities to fans and members by offering performances featuring great artists of the marching world to include Matt Jordan, and Shane Gwaltney. 

Max Percussion Theatre has participated in the 2013 WGI World Championships, Dayton, OH and the 2014 CGN Championships, The Netherlands.