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Martin Kulinski

Blue Diamonds and Diamond Cadets
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Martin Kulinski was born in 1987 in Berlin and is currently living in Hannover. However, most of people know him better by his nickname "Kuli".

He took his first musical steps in 1999 at "Showband Gifhorn" in the front ensemble, at bass drum and snare drum. In order to develop further musically, in 2007 he went to the Netherlands for the multiple European drum corps champion "Jubal - Drum & Bugle Corps". There he was able to improve not only his playing qualities on the snare drum over 10 active years, he also gained a lot of experience and practice on the drum corps and indoor percussion circuit.

Now, Martin Kulinski is staff coordinator at the German junior corps, the “Diamond Cadets” from Nienhagen. Among other things, he is responsible for the complete drill & show training on the field, writes the book of the drumline and teaches the snare line.

The "Blue Diamonds Drum & Bugle Corps Nienhagen" has been benefiting for years from his experience in show drill design and his skills as a coach. 

A future collaboration as an educator with the “Fanfarenzug Academy Strausberg” is currently in progress.

Kuli is known for precise work throughout the percussion, while the snare drum remains his passion. He picks up the people where they stand, starts with appropriate basics on a variety of levels that can steadily be built up together.

Showband Gifhorn 
1999-2006 Front Ensemble, Bass Drum, Snare Drum 

Jubal Drum and Bugle Corps 
2007-2016 Snareline

Blue Diamonds Drum and Bugle Corps
2013-2016 Captionhead Drumline / Captionhead Visual/ Showdesign

Blue Diamond Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps
2014- now    Captionhead Drumline / Captionhead Visual / Showdesign

Beatz Percussion Ensemble 
2015-now  Educator

DCG I&E Snare Champion 2008
DCN Champion 2007,2009,2013,2015,2016
DCE Champion 2009,2013
DCE High Percussion Award 2008,2009,2012,2013
CGN Indoor Percussion Champion 2012,2014
WGI European Champion 2010,2012,2014
DCI International Class Champion 2015