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Jaran Sorenson

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Jaran Sorenson is an independent musician originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Jaran began playing violin at the age of three, and moved onto piano ant the age of five, drums at age nine, and guitar and bass in his early teens.  He graduated from Hennepin Technical College with a degree in Audio Production at age 18.

Jaran’s first gig as a drummer was with his family’s band, called Jaran Family Ministries, with whom he traveled the Midwest playing conferences, services, camps and church events for over ten years.  He began playing recording sessions at the age of 15, playing on Nashville song pitches, and later moved onto jingles, demos and albums.

After graduating Hennepin Technical College, he began independently producing and engineering records for local bands and singer songwriters.  As part of his production, he played all the instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and programming) on several of the recordings.

Jaran has been the drummer for many churches throughout the Minnesota and the Minneapolis areas.  He was the main drummer for Substance Church, one of the fastest growing churches in America, and was also the head drum technician.  He was also the first-call drummer for the Fifth Service Band at Living Word Christian Center.

Jaran was a touring member of the band Hyland, also appearing as an engineer on their full length album, and appeared in all their music videos.

Jaran is a current resides in Nashville, Tennessee with this wife Stephanie to pursue his love and passion for drumming and the music industry.