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Louis "Flip" Winfield

Drumset Artist
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Louis “Flip” Winfield, Jr. was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. It was there he developed a deep love of music.

When Louis finished school, his dreams of being a musician grew more intense landing him a spot with the artist, Tom Browne (hits include Jamaica Funk). From there, Louis went on to perform internationally throughout Europe with his Godfather and Blues legend, Roy Roberts. Upon completion of the tour, Roberts took young Louis under his wing; giving him studio time which led to a one year tour where Louis met General Norman Johnson and his Chairman of the Board band (hit songs include Give Me Just a Little More Time). Louis was then given an open invitation to join Johnson in the studio, furthering his education in both producing and in the music business.
Louis’s career got a major boost when he played live with The Tams. He also played alongside their daughter, Tiny, in her Grammy Award-winning group Xscape (whose songs include Just Kicking It).

Today, Louis makes his home in Nashville, TN. He can be found performing as the artist and band leader of Flip Winfield Band.