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Juan Carrillo

Yeiko Worship Band, Son's of God, Jay & The Screaming Choir
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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Juan has polished his instinctive talent and skills for more than 15 years, naturally becoming one of Puerto Rico most accomplished and sought after musicians. Juan honing seasons and early stages of his career date back to the late 90’s where he could be found playing at churches, stadiums and recording studios, touring with christian music latin artists. His career expanded as he was exposed to more audience in the christian music market, while drawing attention from mainstream acts and performers who would perceive Juan’s innate and impecable skills as a drummer, inviting to share his talent with them. Drummers like Dave Weckl and the late Jeff Porcaro have given Juan much inspiration in this craft and like them, Juan is seeking and pursuing to be the best he can be in each performance. The list of artists that Juan recorded and performed live with are inestimable mentioning some will enlighten you to his remarkable career and opportunities that he has had at every level over the past years. His first touring experience was with the christian music artist Vanessa Vissepó who support her first two albums. Juan Carrillo has recorded and or performed with some of the biggest names on the christian music industry in Puerto Rico and Latin America such as Rene Gonzalez, Misael Roldan, HUK, Miguel Cancel, Adlan Cruz, Manolo Mongil , Idalee, Maleywa Soul, Zammy Peterson, Son’s of God. Although recording and  performing in various studios and multiples stages is Juan’s daily activity. Currently Juan is playing with the band Yeiko & The Worship band as a Musical Director and drummer and he’s a permanent member of the band Son’s Of God. Also Juan has performed on the Puerto Rico Drummers Jam Fest in the past years 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 and also Juan’s drum clinic in 2014 was sponsored by the Drummers Jam organization. Juan Carrillo is known as El Zurdo on the music industry in Puerto Rico.