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Andrzej Waloszczyk

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Andrzej Waloszczyk has been a percussion teacher at the Music School in  Wroclaw for over 33 years.  Apart from individual lessons, he also teaches percussion ensembles and two samba-batucada groups.  One of the Samba-Batucada groups is dedicated to students and the other for adults and school graduates.
In my class I have currently 24 students (age 7 - 18). Depending on repertoire I work with some of them in percussion ensembles.

Since the curriculum of teaching percussion in Poland mainly focuses on classic instruments: xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, timpani, snare, multi-percussion and drum set. Andrrzej uses different method books written by various composers, both European and American. He wants his students to get to know as many generes and styles as possible.  He also is a composer and this spefici reason.  "That’s why I write pieces specially for them myself (multi-percussion, timpani, ensembles) and I also made several dozen arrangements of pieces of other composers for percussion ensemble (2 - 10 performers) in many styles (from classical to pop, jazz and rock)."

Andrzej learned music in such a comprehensive way his students won over 100 prizes on many different competitions in Poland and Europe (Italy – Fermo, Germany – Nuremberg, Bamberg, Latvia – Vilnus, Belgium – Neerpelt). For the past several years, Andrzej was the organizer and originator young percussionists compitition, which his school hosts for ages 10 through 16. When the compitition started it was a regional at first, then it became national, while the last edition went international. 

Aside from educational work I also cooperate with many orchestras (Wroclaw Opera, Musical Theater “Capitol”, Philharmonic orchestras from Wroclaw, Walbrzych, Jelenia Gora, Opole).